Energy Bazaar

Peer-to-peer energy trading for rural India


After working in rural India, it was clear that one of the most basic needs to help alleviate the poverty here was through provision of access to electricity. Thus, as a team with Yvo Hunink and Dirk van den Biggelar, with similar passion to bring access to electricity to every household in India, we developed the project of Energy Bazaar, which is aimed as a software platform (Stage of proof of concept, working towards pilot) facilitating peer to peer energy trading, in an optimized way, considering regional social context.




Engineering solutions for rural development

2016-2018: Adapted to National Innovation Club, IIT Bombay

Personal involvement: 2014-2016

As an engineer, I felt there was a major gap in learning the skills and applying it to real world. Thus, I founded the organisation in my bachelors to help connect the solutions from budding engineers with pressing problems in rural development e.g. access to pure water, emergency transportation, etc. for model village in India.