ETH Ambassador Blog

My short take on the overall event experience as the youth delegate at Vancouver CEM-MI published in ETH Global blogpage


TU Delft EEMCS Magazine blog

What entails the life of an alumni from EEMCS faculty of TU Delft? Some takeaways of the experience of Life after TU Delft noted down in this blog.


Interview with Engerati

The first hand experiences and challenges in the project of distributed grid in Indian electricity market.


Interview with TU Delft Potrait of Science magazine

What entailed working on two theses and a startup and why I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience - sharing my motivations and learning in this blog.


Interview with Delta: Journalistic platform of TU Delft

Perspectives on combining the love for research with application at the masters in TU Delft, covered by TU Delta magazine.


Interview with Delft University funds

Shared current challenges and opportunities after the masters to implement the startup project and realizing PhD project in context of developed world.